Author: Grace Pool

E34: Temple Developments, Part 3

In part three of our temple development episodes, Bryan and Lindsay discuss the changes to the LDS temples in the 20th century. From garment pattern alterations to less oaths and penalties, a lot has happened to the Mormon temple practices in the last century.

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E86: This Is Your Brain on Polygamy.

Why is the doctrine of eternal polygamy so painful to so many Mormon women? Stephen Carter turns the question around, exploring why eternal polyandry would be a painful prospect to Mormon men. The answers lie in the limbic layer of the brain, which has a lot to teach us about the delicate workings of love.

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E33: Temple Developments, Part 2

Last episode, we talked about the development of the Mormon temple in the Nauvoo era. As the Saints move to Utah, the temple ceremony and structure slowly changes. In part two of our temple development series, Bryan and Lindsay discuss what the temple was like in the early Utah period of Mormonism.

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