Event: DC Symposium 2003

THE LIBERAL RELIGIOUS TRADITION IN MORMONISM: A Personal View of Developments in the Late Twentieth Century

Liberal religion believes in a limited God, holds an optimistic view of human nature, and values reason as a source of religious information. Mormonism emerged in the nineteenth century primarily as a liberal religion. This tradition in Mormonism has been strong but has coexisted also with strong conservative elements. Recently, however, Mormonism has clearly become …

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DO WHAT IS RIGHT: Activism in Today’s World

Whether we choose to stand up for the protection of the environment, human rights, civil rights, or “love of country,” it is a courageous act to become “active” in today’s world. Today’’s activist is no longer just the public extremist or (mostly) long-haired protester we see arrested on the evening news. Today’s activists are just …

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REFLECTIONS ON WAR: Competing Loyalties, Commands, and Impulses

War, perhaps more than any other circumstance, forces us as thoughtful persons to confront important philosophical, ethical, and religious questions. It demands that we recognize our moral outrage over unthinkable crimes and squarely face that part of ourselves that wants to lash out and punish evildoers. For others, the call of Christianity——that we love our …

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