Event: Salt Lake Symposium 2010

SL10155: A Crisis of Faith in Newtonian Mormonism

This paper will explore the marriage of Mormonism to the Newtonian paradigm of truth. The Newtonian worldview orients all of our cultural thinking, and the Church has fully embraced its values. In this paradigm, the ego can use the notion of truth to self-aggrandize. A compelling invitation to wake up from both the paradigm trances …

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SL10265: The Will to Power and Exaltation: An Exploration of Mormon and Nietzschean Conceptions of Power

In the modern world, humans are often conceived of as biological automatons, or in religious contexts as dependent, derivative, contingent beings utterly dependent on a necessary God. Both Nietzsche and Mormonism have strong replies to these limitations and exalt the potential for human growth. By comparing and contrasting Nietzsche’s concept of the will to power …

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SL10324: From “System of Beliefs” to “Way of Life”: Fifty Years of Transformation in Community of Christ

The Community of Christ struggled with issues of identity from the earliest years of the Reorganization. Although claiming succession from Joseph Smith, Jr. as the “only legitimate” priesthood and church organization, the early Reorganization based its mission on reclaiming “lost” members of the Church who had followed Brigham Young to the West. The identity of …

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