Event: Salt Lake Symposium 2011

Mark Hofmann: 25 Years Later

More than 25 years have passed since Mark Hofmann’s bombings and murders exposed his Mormon and Americana documents as forgeries. This presentation will discuss: 1) what has occurred in the story since Hofmann went to prison; 2) the discovery of additional Hofmann forgeries or possible forgeries; and 3) the impact of Hofmann’s forgeries and crimes …

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Searching For Gene England

Eugene England is remembered by tens of thousands as one of twentieth-century Mormonism’s most significant influences on culture, literature, and practical religion. When Gene participated in the founding of Dialogue, elder Joseph Fielding Smith said it would not be good for the Church. And Gene’s essays and sermons were as troubling to some as the …

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A Psychobiography of Joseph Smith: Two Secular Views United

With no historical, archeological, or genetic evidence supporting either the Book of Mormon or the Book of Abraham, the most prominent naturalistic theory of their creation is that they came from Smith’s own mind. Over a decade ago, each of us independently published a comprehensive psychobiographic study of Smith, using contemporary models of behavioral science …

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