Event: Southwest Symposium 2010

SW10008: Sober and Quick to Observe: Would Today’s Latter-day Saints and Bible-based Christians Recognize the Prophet Mormon?

At an early age, Mormon was sober of mind and “quick to observe” (Mormon 1:2). Among book of Mormon personalities, he appears to have been extremely faithful to Christ. But to what degree would contemporary Bible-based Christians recognize Mormon as a prophetic figure? And would today’s Latter-day Saints recognize Mormon as a prophetic leader when …

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SW10012: Cinema and Spirituality: Beyond Mormon Movies

From Star Wars and E.T. to The Passion of the Christ and Avatar, movies with spiritual themes have consistently broken box office records–yet such films continue to be more exception than norm. Are these films indicative of a spiritual renaissance in society, or are they in part an outgrowth of the spiritual lives and values …

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SW10014: Book Preview/Panel: Persistence of Polygamy: A Mormon Anthology

Co-editor Newell G. Bringhurst presents an overview of this forthcoming anthology of 20 never-before-published articles about polygamy. Essays cover Joseph Smith and the beginnings of polygamy, polygamy in Utah after Joseph Smith and reactions to the practice from other restoration groups, and the perpetuation of polygamy among Mormon fundamentalists that emerged in the late nineteenth …

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