Sell your wares at one of the largest Mormon Studies events in the nation! The 2019 Sunstone Summer Symposium will be held at the South Town Exposition Center July 31 – August 3, attracting a projected 1800 Mormon attendees. Tables will be displayed July 30 – August 3, and a setup window will be available on the evening of July 31.

Standard Handcrafter Tables

$200 One table, for use Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Our Standard Handcrafters tables are sold out! Email to be added to our vendor mailing list to be notified when next year’s tables are available.


3’ x 6’ merchant tables are available at this event for the incredibly affordable rate of $200 for all three days (Thursday – Saturday). The tables will be set up in the high-traffic main hallway for maximum exposure. Space is VERY LIMITED so register now.

PREMIUM Handcrafter Tables

$250 One premium table, for use Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Our Premium Handcrafters tables are sold out! Email to be added to our vendor mailing list to be notified when next year’s tables are available.

3’ x 6’ merchant tables are available at this event for the incredibly affordable rate of $250 for all three days (Thursday – Saturday). These tables are placed directly between entrances to sessions, and are guaranteed to be seen by every guest in attendance several times per day. Space is VERY LIMITED so register now.


*By registering, you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions listed below.


All table rentals include two chairs and a tablecloth. Vendors will be expected to provide anything else they need (including extension cords, power cables, coolers, power strips, fans, etc. Please label any person items with contact information). Materials cannot be rented or borrowed from Sunstone. Though the Symposium does allow some commercial products to be sold, such products must compose a minority of the products you are selling. This event does not allow the resale of commercial products that directly compete with local crafters or artisans. (Commercial products often include commercially produced makeup, health drinks, etc.) The Symposium reserves the right to directly prohibit the reselling of any commercially produced “crafts” such as jewelry, art, music, clothing, and food goods. Any tables selling food/drink will need proof of insurance and written permission from the South Town Exposition Center. Please contact Grace Pool at or at 801.355.5926 for more details about food sales. Examples of other prohibited merchandise include but are not limited to: items you can purchase directly from a retail store, alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription drugs, drug paraphernalia, pornography or sexually explicit material, and materials considered religiously offensive. Profanity, yelling, fighting or any other unruly behavior are also prohibited. Prohibited items and behaviors are determined solely by the management and staff of Sunstone. Non profit organizations accepting donations at this event are required to submit a Letter of Determination.

The management and staff of this event are not required to provide a reason for dismissal or for the prohibition of items.


*Registering means agreeing that all vendors who participate in any Sunstone handcrafters event do so at their own risk and agree to hold the owners, sponsors, staff, and management of Sunstone harmless for any and all damages or loss to personal or non-personal property, including but not limited to bodily injury or death. Sellers are responsible for the selling of their items and are responsible for their table for the duration of the conference.  Sunstone will not be responsible for locking up or watching items during the Symposium or after hours.  All sellers agree to not hold Sunstone responsible for any loss, damage, theft, or disputes.


If you have any questions about your table this year, please feel free to email or call 801.355.5926 with any questions.


 Some of our past vendors:

 Jerilyn Hassell Pool  Selling buttons, Mormon swag, games, magnets, and more!
 Feminist Mormon Housewives  Baked goods to benefit the Tracy McKay Scholarship.
 Jelli Black  Handcrafted wooden, wire, and stamped jewelry
 Sara Susov  Cheesecake (by the slice)
Leslie Olpin Peterson  Forgotten Wives art, The Pink Papaya Shop
Benchmark Books Mormon Studies Books
 Kofford Books
 Ordain Women
 University of Utah Press
 Allison Udall
 Matt Page  Matt Page Art


  1. Hi,

    Can I sell my books? They are available through Deseret book? The two books are the Girls Who Choose God series. If not, I’d still like a table to advertise a book coming out later this year but would not sell any books.

  2. Stacy Lesser says:

    Hi. Two years ago or so I bought Cards Against Mormanity. I came back the next year to get the full set and to buy some as gifts for family members but the vendor wasn’t there. Do you by chance have the contact info for Cards Against Mormanity vendor. I don’t see him again on the list but I really want the game.
    Stacy Lesser

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