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Issue 187—Fall 2018

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Own Your Religion, By Gregory A. Prince

Greenwashing in Zion, By Mark Thomas


The Carpenter’s Union: Salvator Mundi, By Robert A. Rees

Flesh, Language, Sacrament, By Tyler Chadwick


Arnold Lobel and Me, By Martha Taysom

Low and the Hermeneutics of Silence, By Jacob Bender

Jesus Christ (Almost) Visits the Mormons, Fiction by Ryan Shoemaker

Books, by Bert Fuller

Tower, Fiction by Ryan McIlvain

A Dove and a Serpent, Short Fiction by Tom Kimball

420 North, Fiction by Alex Peterson

Mormon Life

Poured Out Like Water, By Charlotte Johnson Willian

Braving the Borderlands: An LGBTQ Borderlander, By D. Jeff Burton


That’s All Right, Mama, Just Anyway You Do, By J. S. Absher

Words Matter: Lines Written in a Pew, By Anita Tanner

I Was Raised by Communists!, By R. A. Christmas




Issue 186—Spring 2018

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Latter Day Objector: The Story of F. Henry Edwards, By Andrew Bolton

Leonard Arrington: A Life in Quotes, By Steph Lauritzen


Generation X and Framing Gender in the Church: My Personal Journey, By M. David Huston


The Carpenter’s Union: Pentecost, By Robert A. Rees


Strange Nutrition: Eric Freeze’s Invisible Men, Reviewed by Braden Hepner

Books, By Bert Fuller

Mormon Life

Leave the Leaves, By Emily W. Jensen

The Broken Chord, By Dana Haight Cattani

Walking into the Forest, By Rev. Patty Willis

Rorschach Test, By Miguel Barker-Valdez

Iron, By Stephen Carter

There is U-235 in My Soul Today, By Karen Rosenbaum

You Are Whole, By Mette Ivie Harrison

Braving the Borderlands: Imagining Changes that Benefit Borderlanders, By D. Jeff Burton

The Enso of Christ, By Ted Lee


Former Mormons Catechize Their Kids, By Dayna Patterson

Spaces Needed in the 21st Century, By L. N. Allen

He Falls Asleep in My Arms, By L. N. Allen

Kenosis, By Anita Tanner



Issue 185—Summer 2017

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“Adam, Which Was the Son of God”: Persistent Fragments of Adam-God Theory in the Church Educational System, By Samuel R. Weber

Leonard Arrington: A Life in Quotes, By Steph Lauritzen


The Thicket, Fiction by Bradeigh Godfrey

Jane’s Journey, Fiction by Heidi Naylor


The Carpenter’s Union: Jesus, Mormons, and Holy Week, By Robert A. Rees

In the World but Not of the World?: The Rise of the “Nones” and Why Mormonism Needs Them, By Boyd J. Petersen

Mormon Life

Braving the Borderlands: Experiences of an Open Borderlander: Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, By D. Jeff Burton

In Weakness, Strength, By Jacob Baker

Mormon Identity Policing Is No Laughing Matter, By Derrick Clements

Story, By Jody England Hansen

A Strip of Cloth, By Stephen Carter


Prayer for Reconciliation, By Patty Willis

In the Antique and Collectible Mall, By L. N. Allen




Issue 184—Spring 2017

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The Excommunication of Charles William Kingston, By Charles Elden Kingston


The Lord of the Dance, By Robert A. Rees

Everywhere is the Center of the World, By Mark Thomas

Contemporary: LDS Approaches to the New Presidency

Marble Walls By Tamarra Kemsley

When Prophecy Matters, By Michael Austin

What Is Struggling to Be Born?, By Carol Lynn Pearson

Morning Sequence, By Lon Young

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Don, By Stephen Carter

Hope in the Age of Trump, By Eric Samuelsen

When Testimony Meeting and Heavy Metal Collide, By Seth L. Bryant

I’m No Superhero, by Boyd J. Petersen

The Benefit of a Doubt: How the New Presidency Could Change Mormon Political Conversation, By Rachel Mabey Whipple


Invisible But Real, Personal Essay by John Gustav-Wrathall

The Dead Are All Around Us, Fiction by Luisa Perkins

Mormon Life

Braving the Borderlands: Crisis of Faith vs. Crisis of Belief, By D. Jeff Burton

The Mormon Therapist: Approaching Depression Constructively, By Natasha Helfer Parker


Cup, By L. N. Allen

Science Fan, Science Fiction, By L. N. Allen

Pups and Cats, By R. A. Christmas

Dog at Work, By R. A. Christmas

Why I Stay, By R. A. Christmas

Mausoleum, By Steph Lauritzen


How to Fix Your Sunday School Using these Three Easy Tricks, By Stephen Carter



Issue 183—Winter 2016

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As Honey for Sweetness: Wrestling With the Various Voices of Scripture, By Julie M. Smith

The Carpenter’s Union: Finding Jesus in the Labyrinth, By Robert A. Rees

Well, Dr. Nibley, I Do Have a Suggestion: Always Believe God, Always Disbelieve Lucifer, By Ian R. Harvey

Becoming the Beloved of the Lord: Maturing through the Stages of Spiritual Growth, By Philip G. McLemore


Danites, Damsels, and World Domination: Mormons in the Dime Novels, By Michael Austin


On Outrage, By John Hatch

The Pattern: “Fill up the world,” and “Let every man live,” By David R. Hall


The Madness of Faith, Personal Essay by Emily Belanger

Into the River, Fiction by Larry Menlove

Mormon Life


Braving the Borderlands: Experiences of a Missionary Borderlander, By D. Jeff Burton


Common Grief, By M. Shayne Bell


A Reluctant Pioneer, By Stephen Carter


Issue 182—Fall 2016

Price: $12.00

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Why Ritual “Makes Sense,” By Dan Wotherspoon

Tongue of Angels or Mind of the Borg, By Roger Terry

What Remains When Disbelief Has Gone, By Derrick Clements

The Carpenter’s Union: Jesus in the Air, By Robert A. Rees


A Peculiar People?: How Neo-Orthodoxy has Crept into the Mormon Church, By Robert C. Hunsaker

The Art of Feminism: Forgotten Wives Remembered, By Sonja Farnsworth


The Mandelbrot Set, Fiction by Heidi Naylor

PJ, Fiction by Jennifer Quist

Mormon Life

An Open Palm and a Consecrated Life: Three Meditations on Being-with Others, By Tyler Chadwick

Patches of Yellow: On Depression and Church Attendance, By Deja Earley

Braving the Borderlands: Building an LDS-Compatible Personal Religious Model, By D. Jeff Burton

Creating in the Borderlands, By Stephen Carter

2016 Salt Lake Symposium Report


Issue 181—Summer 2016

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Price: $75.00



Polygamy and the Early Mormon Hawaiian Mission, By John J. Hammond

“The Custom of His Nation”: William McCary and the Radicalization of Plural Marriage, By Angela Pulley Hudson

“A Brother in the Pale-face”: White Mormons and Indigenous Polygamies, By Amanda Hendrix-Komoto


Tyrants of the Spirit, Memoir by Dorothy Allred Solomon

The Bigamist, Fiction by Eric Freeze

The Ghost of Eternal Polygamy: Haunting the Hearts and Heaven of Mormon Women and Men, Review Essay by Stephen Carter

Poly-Wood!: Mormon Polygamy in the Movies, By Randy Astle


Legalizing Polygamy: Cultural Bias, Moral Obligation, and Social Tolerance, By Robyn Williams

Cultural Demographic, and Judicial Trends Leading Towards the Popular Acceptance and Eventual Legalization of Polygamy: A Libertarian Polemic, By George R. Compton

Mormon Life

Progressive Polygamy, By Brady Williams

The Mormon Therapist: Principles for Polyamory, By Natasha Helfer Parker

Braving the Borderlands: Mysterious Ways, Continued, By D. Jeff Burton

The All-seeing “I”: Escaping the Faith Crisis Cycle, By Russ Osmond


Sylvia Porter Sessions Lyons, By Marita Dachsel

Emily Dow Partridge, By Marita Dachsel

Marinda Nancy Johnson Hyde, By Marita Dachsel



Issue 180—Spring 2016

Price: $12.00

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Contemporary: Analyzing the November 2015 Handbook Update

The Church as a Wounded, Unconscious Parent, By Michael Farnworth

Supporting Your LGBT Loved One in Today’s Church, By Natasha Helfer Parker

Thinking about the Handbook Update Using the Four Quadrants, By Russ Osmond

The Stubborn Ounces of My Weight, By Dana Haight Cattani


In the Presence of the Lord, By Kenny Kemp

The Quest for the Historical Jesus, By Robert A. Rees

Planted: Belief and Belonging in an Age of Doubt, Reviewed by Stephen Carter


How Warren Jeffs Maintains His Hold over the FLDS, By Ken Driggs


Still Finding Pieces, Personal Essay by Lia Hadley

And Thorns Will Grow There, Fiction by Emily Belanger

Mormon Life

The Fellowship of the Saints, By Edward Hogan

Liquid Assets: How Climate Change Could Affect the LDS Church in Florida, By Mark Thomas

Braving the Borderlands: Coming Out of the Closet to Your Spouse, By D. Jeff Burton

Scriptural Landscapes, By Nathan Arp


Magpiety, By Javen Tanner

Out of Your Head with Fever, By Anita Tanner





Issue 179—Fall 2015

Price: $12.00

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Price: $75.00



Background and Fallout of My 1985 Article “LDS Church Authority and New Plural Marriages, 1890–1904,” By D. Michael Quinn


Adoption: A Triangle of Shame, By Christy Crowe Hughes

The Chairlift Missionary, By Hans. G. Ehrbar


Paul’s Wisdom for Our Divided Church, By Frances Lee Menlove

Jesus Is the Population of the World, By Robert A. Rees


Mothers and Daughters, Fiction by Karen Rosenbaum

Death of an Old Dog, Personal Essay by Patricia Karamesines

Mormon Life

Health to the Naval . . . or Not: Tell Me the Stories of Jesus, By Dana Haight Cattani

The All-seeing “I”: Thinking Outside Your Quad, By Russ Osmond

Braving the Borderlands: Being Thoughtfully and Lovingly Honest, by D. Jeff Burton

The Mormon Therapist: How Does Our Polygamist History Affect Our Marriages?, By Natasha Helfer Parker


Beg, Ch, Dc, Yo, Tr, Sc, By Anita Tanner

Shadows of the Heart, By Lawrence Bowker




Issue 178—Summer 2015

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Price: $75.00

Exploring the Gospel Topics Essays

From North Star to Constellation: “First Vision Accounts,” By Stephen C. Taysom

The Book of Abraham Crisis: A History, By Christopher C. Smith

Plural Marriage Among Early Latter-day Saints, By George D. Smith

“Are Mormons Christian?”: A Historical Perspective on the Gospel Topics Essay, By Jana Riess

“Are Mormons Christian?”: A Personal Response, By Dan Wotherspoon

Late but Welcome: “Race and the Priesthood,” By Armand Mauss

The Continuing Effects of the Priesthood Ban, By Mica McGriggs

Keeping the Promises, By Russell Stevenson

Violence, Mormonism, and the Sober Lessons of History, By Joanna Brooks

When Worldviews Collide: The Unintended Consequences of Apologetics in the Gospel Topics Essays, By Seth Bryant

The Essays’ Effect on the International Church, By Gina Colvin

The Faith Crisis: A Step in the Right Direction?, By Michael Barker


Aquascape #6, Fiction by Lon Young

Seriously—Why the Hell Can’t You Be More Like the Nelsons?, Art Review by Theric Jepson

Mormon Life

Health to the Naval . . . or Not: Job’s Comforters, By Dana Haight Cattani

The Carpenter’s Union, Amazing Grace, By Robert A. Rees

Braving the Borderlands: A Successful Borderlander Shares His Story, By D. Jeff Burton


Departures, By Anita Tanner

Haiku, By M. Shayne Bell

Love and Virtue, By Jeff Nydegger


Issue 177—Spring 2015

Price: $12.00

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Price: $75.00

Single in the Borderlands

To Russia with Love, By Elna Baker

Sneaking Up on Sex, By Jean Marie S. Place

Single Men in 19th-century Mormonism, By Jeffery Ogden Johnson

Four Single Men that I Hope Never Marry, By P.Q. Gump

Dandelion Mama, By Tracy McKay-Lamb

Single in the Borderlands, By Kristine Haglund


Laughs Precede the Miracle: How Calvin Grondahl and Pat Bagley Changed Mormonism, By Lynne Gorton Cropper


Chariot Race in D-Wing, By Darin Cozzens

The Cokeville Miracle and Freetown, Reviewed by Stephen Carter

Mormon Life

Health to the Naval . . . or Not: Rachel, Not Comforted, By Dana Haight Cattani

Finding Christ at St. Thomas the Apostle Church, By Robert A. Rees

Braving the Borderlands: Staying in the Church and Making it Work, by D. Jeff Burton

The Mormon Therapist: Neither a Sin nor a Transgression, By Natasha Helfer Parker


Religion and the Whole Brain, By Russell Osmond


Revising, By Dayna Patterson

Missionary Work in Kanata, Canada, By Dayna Patterson


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