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The Student Association of Sunstone


The Student Association of Sunstone is a group of students from various faith backgrounds dedicated to exploring Mormon faith, identity, and scholarship. We'll have our first official meeting in a couple weeks; for now, scroll down for information on tickets to the Summer Symposium, which takes place from July 29-31!

What We Do

The exchange and analysis of ideas is central to our mission. We've set up avenues of online discussion through Twitter, Facebook, and Discord and have plans for more structured opportunities for dialogue by way of biweekly "book club" meetings. During these meetings, we will evaluate and discuss articles, book chapters, and other media on various topics related to Mormonism, including theology, history, social justice, apologetics, culture, environmentalism, and more.

Additional opportunities for learning and investigation will present themselves in the form of speaker/Q&A events involving a variety of presenters, some of whom will be members of the Student Association who are producing important work within Mormon Studies.

Other activities we hope to do in the future involve meetups at art exhibits, historical sights, or rare bookstores, events dedicated to sharing student writing, poetry, visual art, or stories, and service projects.

In addition to these free events, students can choose to pay dues in order to obtain access to the Sunstone Magazine in its new hybrid format AND free or reduced admission to all Sunstone conferences and symposia. Paid membership details coming soon.


Register for the 2021 Sunstone Symposium (7/29-31)

This year, students receive the benefit of pay-what-you-can registration! Leave a donation of any size ($1 or more) an this page only to register for the 2021 Sunstone Symposium.

Your registration here gives you full access to Sunstone's event app Whova, and full access to the in-person symposium.

By registering here, you agree to be contacted via email about upcoming events and activities hosted by the Student Association of Sunstone.

Please bring your student ID to the expo center if you plan to attend in person.

Read more about this year's unprecedented symposium here.

Pay-What-You-Can Student Registration



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