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Student Association of Sunstone


In 1974, Sunstone was founded by a small group of divinity school students. Now, in 2020, we seek to bring younger individuals to the discussion of Mormonism and, with them, their energy and spirit of intellectual curiosity. The Student Association of Sunstone will operate through regular (digital, for now) meetings in which members of the SAS can learn from each other and from important voices within Mormonism, share their experiences, and engage in the exploration of the Mormon tradition and meaningful service.

In addition to our free monthly events, students can register to become a member for access to digital magazine and podcasts, and free or reduced admission to all Sunstone events!

Membership is only $7/month, with all dues going to supporting Sunstone's mission of an open forum for Mormon thought.

Mission Statement

  • The Student Association of Sunstone exists to facilitate the crucial dialogue surrounding free religious expression and assist students in the challenges they face in their various persuasions within Mormonism by providing a source of community within which members can learn from and about each other.
  • This association seeks to unite intellectually-curious students  with the roots of their faith and give them opportunities to further explore their faith tradition. Additionally, the Student Association seeks to provide students with a space in which personal and collective growth can be meaningfully facilitated.
  • With strong emphases placed on plurality within the faith tradition and providing a wide array of opportunities to engage with the rich intellectual tradition of Mormonism, we hope to assist students in both the shared challenges presented to them as a whole and at an individual level to meet the unique needs of different people and groups.


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Student Association Representatives

Evan Jones


Evan is a senior at UVU working towards a degree in Religious Studies and Psychology with a minor in Philosophy, writing a thesis about Mormon apologetics and Generation Z, and preparing for graduate school.

Jane Doe

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