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The Mahan Report: Introduction

By Ron Madson and Joshua Madson WE ALL HEAR voices. The question is: which voices do we listen to and which do we ignore? And more importantly, which voices are so embedded in our “deep heart’s core” that they unconsciously shape our thoughts, words, and actions?   “For more are the children of the desolate …

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Glenn Beck: Rough Stone Roaring Part II

Continued from Glenn Beck: Rough Stone Roaring Part I A Civil Society? I know no religion that destroys courtesy, civility, and kindness. —William Penn42 You can turn on the television and see people who claim expertise that they don’t possess. And I say that, because the kind of expertise we need is not a facile …

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Glenn Beck: Rough Stone Roaring Part I

by Robert A. Rees Illustrations by Jeanette Atwood Through anger, the truth looks simple. —Jane McCabe1 It must be a decisive rule of every Christian fellowship that each individual is prohibited from saying much that occurs to him. —Deitrich Bonhoeffer2 The “Real” Glenn Beck Ever since learning that Glenn Beck had joined the Mormon Church, …

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